Friday, April 10, 2015

Myfyrdodau pellach y Cadeirydd Huw - revise you fuc*ers


Anonymous said...

Lest anyone feel sympathy for Huw Thomas, remember what he told the media regarding Mike Parker:
“These outrageous and deeply offensive remarks are exactly the sort of poisonous rhetoric you’d expect from Ukip, not a party that claims to be progressive and left wing.

“There should be no place in our politics or our society for such divisive and hateful language.

“As a Cardi to my core, I’m proud that Wales and Ceredigion have a history of welcoming people from across this island and across the world."

Anonymous said...

Pethau wedi dod mas ar BBC a Wales online.
Chi sy'n gyfrifol am ddarganfod hwn.
Da iawn wir.