Sunday, March 06, 2016

Cefnogaeth o le anisgwyl

Ymddengys nad pobl o fy ochr i sydd yn ystyried Lee Waters yn benodol a Llafur yn gyffredinol o fod yn wrthwynebus i'r Gymraeg.  Daw'r sgwrs fach yma o dudalen Facebook Lee (Chwefror 24). Mae'n ymwneud ag ail gategoreiddio Ysgol Llangennech ger Llanelli yn ysgol Gymraeg.  

Heddyr Gregory ydi gwraig Aelod Cynulliad presenol Llanelli.

Lee Waters:  The debate about Welsh language education in Llangennech is a very sensitive one.
I deplore the language used by a Plaid Cymru Councillor who has accused local parents who support bilingual education of 'insisting' on "denying their children fluency in our magnificent indigenous language".
This is not the way to deal with real concerns, or to safeguard the language.

Heddyr Gregory Ddim yn cefnogi'r Gymraeg unwaith eto, Lee? Pam rhoi perchnogaeth dros yr iaith i'r Blaid? Hyn yn batrwm ers hanner canrif - ers dyddiau Cledwyn Hughes a Jim Griffiths.
Lee Waters Unwaith eto? I want the use of the language to grow, speaking about people with concerns like this is not the way to do it
Heddyr Gregory Llafur ar ei waethaf! Ildio eto i'r Blaid!
Lee Waters Heddyr, you are making no sense. How does it help the future of the Welsh language to use such divisive and inflammatory language?
Heddyr Gregory Making no sense? Sorry, I should have posted in English...
Lee Waters You don't seem to want to address my point
Heddyr Gregory Please stop this anti Welsh sentiment within the Labour party. You're playing into the hands of Plaid Cymru...
Lee Waters Heddyr, you completely misunderstand my point. I am hugely supportive of promoting the language, but it needs to be handled sensitivley. The comments by a Plaid Councillor I was responding to are offensive and risk a back-lash for the language. The concerns need to be responded to respectfully, and accusing me of being anti-Welsh by pointing this out underlines my argument
Heddyr Gregory I didn't acuse you of being anti Welsh, Lee - it was a comment about the Labour party. Plaid do not own the language.
Lee Waters Of course they don't, but these comments by one of their senior Councillors needs calling out

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