Sunday, September 07, 2014

Torri cytundeb?

Mae'n ymddangos bod George Osborne trwy gyhoeddi ei fod am roi mwy o bwerau i'r Alban yn drannoeth pleidlais Na wedi torri'r cytundeb rhwng llywodraeth yr Alban a Llywodraeth San Steffan yn 2012.  Mae'r cytundeb yn eithaf clir na ddylai'r naill lywodraeth na'r llall wneud cyhoeddiadau a allai effeithio ar y canlyniad yn ystod y 28 diwrnod cyn y refferendwm.  Deg diwrnod sydd i fynd o heddiw.

Government activity during the 28 days before the referendum29. It is customary for there to be a period before elections in the UK, during which Ministers and other public bodies refrain from publishing material that  would have a bearing on the election. Section 125 of PPERA sets out the restrictions that apply to Ministers and public bodies in the 28 days preceding referendums held under that Act. Both governments recognise the importance of respecting the 28-day period prior to a referendum, in the same way that both governments already respect each other’s pre-election period for Parliamentary elections.  The Scottish Government will set out details of restricted behaviour for Scottish Ministers and devolved public bodies in the Referendum Bill to be introduced into the Scottish Parliament. These details will be based on the restrictions set out in PPERA. The UK Government has committed to act according to the same PPERA-based rules during the 28 day period.

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