Friday, May 15, 2015

Pwy ddylai fod mwyaf digalon?

Hmm, prif storI Golwg360 trwy'r dydd oedd hon.

Rwan, dwi ddim yn gwybod os ydi Roger Scully o'r farn y dylai Plaid Cymru fod yn fwy di galon na neb arall mewn gwirionedd, ond petai wedi mynegi'r farn honno byddai'n un ecsentrig braidd.  Collodd y Dib Lems 2/3 o'u pleidleisiau a 6/7 o'u seddi yn y DU a 2/3 o'u seddi a'u pleidlais yng Nghymru.  Cynyddodd pleidlais Plaid Cymru rhywfaint, a chadwyd y dair sedd.  Dwi'n gwybod pa sefyllfa fyddai'n gwneud i mi deimlo mwyaf digalon.


Anonymous said...

LibDems represent a political viewpoint and can make their case again and again; continue appealing to the electorate again and again. The Blaid, appeals to Welsh people, who are a rapidly shrinking proportion of the electorate. Again and again does not apply. Pull it off within 20 years or an independent Wales is impossible. Demographic change is the most important factor (viz Ceredigion). I want an independent Wales and "digalon" does not sum up my feelings.

Cai Larsen said...

Two quick points:

Whether or not the Lib Dems represent a coherent political viewpoint is a moot point. They were a bucket for protest votes & those interested in community activism prior to 2010. Whether or not they can do that again is an open question.

You're correct that there is immigration to Wales from England - but the rate of increase is not as dramatic in most of the country as you indicate. I think (working from memory) that there was a 1% increase in English born people from 2001 to 2011. That's not insignificant, but it isn't a huge change. In my own town the numbers actually decreased.

There is obviously a relationship between being Welsh born (& even more so Welsh speaking) & voting Plaid Cymru, but it isn't a simple one. Half an hour canvassing on the estates of Caernarfon would disabuse you of that notion.

Anonymous said...

I've canvassed for the Blaid all over Wales and what people tell you on the doorstep, especially in strongly Welsh-speaking towns, is different from what they tell each other. I have a good take on this, sounding like an English person and having canvassed Ceredigion and sat in the pub as a stranger later in the day. As for the levels of demographic change. Gwynedd 1981: 77% born in Wales, 75% Welsh speaking. 2011 ^67% born in Wales, 65% Welsh speaking. What has happened in Ceredigion is happening in Gwynedd and a few positive census returns from Caernarfon only serves to detract from the general picture. For every Mike Parker, in my experience, there are 19 in migrants who are at best disinterested and at worst openly hostile to any expression of Welsh national identity. This is not to despair, just a suggestion that it is time to tell it like it is. The English who are on our side or at least open to persuasion will respect that

Anonymous said...

Mae angen i'r Blaid bwysleisio stori economaidd,adeiladu strwythyr o reolaeth sifil yma yng Nghymru fel fod canran sylweddol o'r boblogaeth yn gallu dychmygu ffyniannt economaidd personnol yma.Mae angen narratif lle bod rhuwin sydd efallai yn ddihîd (nid gelyniaethus)am iaith a diwilliant cymreig yn gweld pwrpas yng nghefnogi'r Blaid o safbwynt economaidd,personnol gwahannol i fuddiant economaidd de ddwyrain Lloegr,haws dweud na gwneud,mi wn.

Anonymous said...

Ar y llaw arall -