Monday, May 11, 2015

Bai pwy ydi buddugoliaeth y Toriaid yn Lloegr?

Wel yr SNP wrth gwrs - yn ol Plaid Lafur yr Alban o leiaf.

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William Dolben said...

ymhlith yr håll halibalw ar ôl yr etholiad gwelais bwt da ar gynffon erthygl am David Miliband parthed y canluniadau un y DU:

Hen amser gorfodi pawb i bleidleisio?

33.9% of the UK electorate did not vote.
32.7% voted Conservative or UKIP
31.4% voted for a "centre-left" party (Labour, LibDem, Green, SNP or Plaid Cymru)

The Tories got 6% more votes than they did in 2010. A small but significant increase.

The Labour vote in England increased from 7,042,398 in 2010 to 8,087,706 in 2015. An increase of 15%. But they only won an extra 15 seats in England, and these gains could not compensate for the loss of 40 seats in Scotland.

I think the "SNP wave" was not caused by Ed Miliband. It would probably have happened regardless of who won the Labour Party leadership election in 2010.

If we look at the General Elections since the Iraq War, Labour received (UK-wide):
9,552,436 votes in 2005 (under Tony Blair)
8,606,517 votes in 2010 (under Gordon Brown)
9,347,326 votes in 2015 (under Ed Miliband) (despite receiving 328,381 fewer votes in Scotland, compared to 2010)

So one could argue that Labour has "bounced back" from it's 2010 defeat (in England at least), although clearly not enough to beat the Conservatives this time.