Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pawb yn hapus ac yn llawen

Mae'n dda nodi bod ymgyrch arweinyddiaeth Llafur yn mynd rhagddi mewn ffordd mor aeddfed a brawdgarol. Pawb yn un teulu dedwydd. 
Wele rhai o'r datgamiadau mwyaf cofiadwy hyd yn hyn.

Talks like a ponce, lost votes over Iraq and when he told party members who voted for Jeremy Corbyn to have a heart transplant: It’s just abuse… it’s totally unacceptable. - Prescott am Blair
The moronic MPs who nominated Jeremy Corbyn to 'have a debate' need their heads felt. They should be ashamed of themselves. They're morons. - John McTernan am yr aelodau seneddol Llafur a enwebodd Corbyn.
I am one of them (hy moron) I have to say at no point did I intend to vote for Jeremy myself nor advise anyone else to do so - Beckett.
The self-anointed “moron” shouldn’t have called herself a moron and shouldn’t have backed down over her decision to nominate Corbyn - Prescott am Beckett.

Who the heck is John McTernan? He advised in Scotland, we lost, he advised Australia and we lost. He wasn’t in the Blair camp in any substance whatsoever… he has no authority - Prescott am McTernan.
Bloody useless job as interim leader. Made a “mess” over Welfare Bill vote which she had no authority to make - Prescott am Harman.
Who?  Prescott am Liz Kendall. 
The party is becoming the political equivalent of Millwall Football Club. Their chant? 'No one likes us, we don't care.  Mary Creagh am ei phlaid.
It would not take the country forwards, it would take it backwards.  This is why when people say 'My heart says I should really be with that politics' - get a transplant. - Blair am bobl dy 'n ystyried cefnogi Corbyn.
The so called ‘trendy left’ politics of the early 1980s was a contributory factor in covering up child abuse. I myself saw that repeatedly at first hand in Lambeth. Meanwhile children were murdered and disappeared, were raped and beaten, forced into prostitution, trafficked around and a significant number of lives destroyed and blighted.
Your inaction in the 1980s and 1990s says a lot, not about your personal character, which I admire, but about your politics which I do not. Your carefully worded excusing of Islington Council in the House of Commons equally demonstrates why it is inappropriate for you to attempt to lead the Labour Party at the critical time of the Goddard Enquiry, as child abuse is the issue that will haunt this Parliament - John Mann AS wrth Jeremy Corbyn AS.

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