Monday, January 31, 2005

John Elias, Maenceinion a Rasio Ceffylau

Newydd ddod ar draws y llun hwn o fy hen, hen, hen daid John Elias

Gwendid Pabyddol fel rheol ydi honni bod 'arwyr' crefyddol yn gallu gwneud gwyrthiau, ond ymddengys bod edmygwyr John Elias yn meddwl ei fod o'n un am wneud gwyrthiau, wele:

Whitsuntide, 1830, whilst attending the preaching service at Manchester, his attention was drawn to the races and sports held annually in the town in Whit-week. Being always opposed to such things, and believing them to be detrimental to the morality and religious interests of the community, the matter weighed heavily upon his mind all through the week. At the services he prayed with intense earnestness for divine interposition. The morning of the great day of the races was beautiful, the sky clear and cloudless, giving every indication of good weather.

Awaiting the great event on the course, there were from 100,000 to 150,000 people. John Elias was at the time in his room wrestling with God in prayer. Some of the brethren in another part of the house were anxiously awaiting developments. One of them, who secretly listened at the door of the chamber, returned to his companions exclaiming,--"There's Elias praying and we shall see that it will be necessary for Ahab to prepare his chariot and flee."

In half-an-hour or so the clouds began to gather, the sky became dark and threatening, so much so that at 11 a.m. candles had to be lighted. Then suddenly the rain descended, as if the windows of heaven had been opened, the crowds dispersed in search of a shelter, and the races were suspended for the day.

O bob 'gwyrth' i'w chyflawni penderfynodd y dyn ddifetha rasus ceffylau Maenceinion. 'Rwan petai gen i y gallu i gyflawni un gwyrth yn ystod fy mywyd, ni fyddwn yn ei wastraffu ar ddifetha rasus ceffylau Maenceinion. Byddwn yn ei ddefnyddio at bwrpas mwy teilwng o lawer. Difetha'r Henley Boat Race , y Brecon Jazz Festival, Ascot neu'r Open Air Shakespeare Productions yn Dyffryn Gardens er enghraifft.

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